How The Internet Affects The Efficiency And Safety Of Users On Web 2.0

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Using the internet has become an everyday task for many people in their day to day lives but they don’t think about the risk that could come with it. When people hear the words youtube, twitter, pinterest or even craigslist they don’t think about the systems running these programs. When individuals use these social media platforms or web based apps on their phones or computers often they’re not thinking about the big picture web 2.0 running all these websites and web based applications. Individuals don’t factor in what is going to make that app run if it has any faults or even the amount of threats they could be putting their computer, cell phone or even identity at risk for. By being unaware of the security threats of web 2.0 individuals …show more content…

In 2014 a phishing message was sent out to drop box users claiming that recipients had received a message to large to show and that they could be viewed by clicking on the link included (Johnston, Symantec Corporation) this was a phishing email out to steal individuals’ information. Web 2.0 is constantly changing and so are the viruses and threats that are after users’ information. One way hackers are able to receive web users information is from a fault called injection flaws. This process allows attackers to relay malicious code through an application to another system (owasp). Injection flaws can happen to any website or application on web 2.0 that uses external programs. Companies rely heavily on these external programs to keep their information safe. If these external programs have one wrong coding slip when a website filters through the http process a hacker can slip into the coding slip and take over from there. There are many different types of injection flaws from query language, LDAP, Xpath, XQuery and the most common SQL injection. SQL injection is the most common and biggest threat of injection flaws. This attack consists or insertion of a SQL query via the input data from the client to the application (owasp). If this virus is successful it would give a hacker the information they need to steal identities and change information stored on a computer. Hackers that pull of this virus can also change

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