How The Nervous System Affects The Human Brain

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Neurons are the basic data processing units for the human brain. Every neuron can receive 1000 electrical impulses from other neurons. Impulses that all come at the same time are added together and, if they are strong enough, they can generate electrical discharge, which is known as action potential or a nerve impulse. Neurons have a cell body or soma. Additionally, they have myelin. Myelin allows nerve impulses to move quickly from one neuron to another, which makes rapid signal transmission possible. It is a critical part of the nervous system and if it is not in a body it can be devastating, which can be exhibited through multiple sclerosis. The nervous system plays an important role in the body 's ability to feel sensations and is made up of neurons, cells, and are necessary to perform even the simplest tasks. Your body has billions of tree-like processes that are involved in sensing this information from the environment, relaying the information to your brain, and sending information to carry out the act of answering your cell phone as a response to the initial sensory input.
There are a multitude of neurons in our bodies that are continuously communicating with each other to help us perform everyday tasks. These communications are a way for the neurons to transmit information between one another. This information is generally related to the physical actions and feelings which the body performs. Neurons allow us to feel pain and other sensations which would…
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