How The Various Media Represent Places And How They Construct Images

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Essay 2015 TOU 1011 Module Leader: Aram Eisenschitz Karolina Kalinowska Year 1 Topic: Examine, using examples, how the various media represent places and how they construct images. What issues do you think are brought up by such an examination? Advertising is a form of marketing communications, in which the effort taken by the sender to provide him with a high range of control over the message reaching its destination. Advertising, depending on the media used, can act in an integrated way or selective word, picture and sound. At the same time the mechanism of interactions advertising tool makes it particularly suitable for the implementation of quality communication purposes is therefore justified its use in the process of image. Appreciate the usefulness of this tool, among others, commercial enterprises, social organisations and more often the city. Cities are competing products on the market. Achieving competitive advantage occurs through properly formulated and implemented development strategy, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the area and the opportunities and threats in the environment. A special feature of any city is its brand, name, crest, logo, history and present, historical monuments and modern achievements, the works of nature and man, the atmosphere and finally the residents themselves. City brand, covering everything creates a given city and at the same time meets the needs of different segments, represents an important strategic tool

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