How To Become A Registered Nurse

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I find nursing interesting because the career gives you a chance to interact with people, make people feel better, and it gives you a chance to make good money. I know some people go into this career for the money they can make but I want to go into to help people. People always think “Well they are just a nurse, they don’t do much.” But the thing is, is that nurses really do make a difference. You get the chance to make people feel better and get back to their life. You can make a difference to parents if their kid is sick. You can make a difference to a child if their parent is sick. By being a nurse and helping people you are making a difference. Being a nurse offers many great chances to help people and make them feel better. You are there …show more content…

To get the B.S.N degree takes four years. Within that four years, you go through a series of different learning environments to see what field you really fit in. You take clinicals and go to different hospitals or nursing homes etc. in order to gain experience in taking care of patients. You have to take a lot of different medical courses that deal with the terminology and you have to be willing to not give up because the nursing field is hard. You hold someone else’s life in your hands at …show more content…

The money is nice, but for me it’s always been about taking care of people. I’ve always been a natural at taking care of people and wanting to help. I know this career will offer just that. I understand that it will be hard and it will be stressful. The salary, as I said before, is always nice to have. Starting as an RN right out of college, working here in West Virginia, you can start at about $30.00/hour. In other places you can start at as much as $50-60.00/hour, depending on where you are. You can make about $65,470.00/year starting at just a RN. But you can make at least $75,000.00/year starting once you finish school for Neonatology. I like that I can have a nice stable job and make decent money straight out of college. I feel as though this job is right for me for the fact I am able to do something I will be good at. I love taking care of people and I love knowing I’m helping. That is why I think nursing is a good job for me is because I want to help. The pay is good, but the satisfaction of knowing that I saved someone’s life or I made their life easier is what matters to me. Knowing that I made a parent’s job easier by knowing how to care for their child or helping someone’s kid better help take care of their parents. That’s what

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