How To Write An Essay On Police Brutality

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Police Brutality
White police officers are infamous for using excess force towards young African-American especially in larger cities such as Chicago. It has become a controversial topic among communities that have seen police brutality take place in front of their homes.$1,800,000,000 is estimated to be the annual cost of police misconduct to taxpayers. Although the misconduct isn’t strictly towards police brutality, $1,800,000,000 is incredibly outrageous. There may be a reason to why African-Americans seem to be targeted by police officers. Many believe this could be a sign that racism has been institutionalized in our police force across the nation.
Usually the high crime rates tend to occur around low-income areas and officers tend to assume that people living in the areas are guilty. It is not fair to judge the minority. If the officer is knowing that the suspect is known to be violent and heavily armed, that’s when excessive force can be justified and if the suspect disobeys all commanding orders from a officer. Fact is many reports of Police Brutality is not reported. About 61% of
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Media broadcasts all sorts of things but when something that will provoke and gain them more and more views as the story goes on with the case. It is also partially our fault for the trend of it being mainly young African-americans. Truth is there has always been police brutality but it isn’t only towards blacks. We just spread it around creating chaos and shining light to one specific crime. When was the last you heard of police brutality towards a white person? Im positive there has been some within last year but no one brings it up since people believe others are racists. Morgan Freeman brought up an interesting solution for racism. “Don’t bring it up.” If we are no longer showing light on it, it will still be there but it won’t be as
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