How Touch And Light Technology Is A Viable Option For A Warehouse

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Touch-to-Light technology is very useful in a modern day warehouse. The technology is expansive covering pick-to-light as well as put-to-light. The purpose of touch-to-light is to increase productivity of workers in a warehouse by linking a system of light, button, cartons, and an ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, and or a WMS, Warehouse Management System. Many benefits are associated with Touch-to-Light include increased accuracy and productivity, high pick rates, improved safety, and much more. While these are great to have it is important to weigh them against the negatives. Cons of this technology include difficulty in integration, costly to install, and less than ideal utilization of warehouse space. If touch-to-light technology is deemed a viable option for a warehouse many practical uses can be found including faster order completions, better working conditions, and better productivity and accuracy.
Purpose of Touch-to-Light
Companies that operate high-volume, fast moving and complex warehouses are always looking for ways to streamline the processes of their warehouses through the use of technology (Murray). The picking and packing processes in a warehouse are the most time consuming and costliest processes in a warehouse in terms of labor, accounting for about 50% of the total labor costs (How). Those two activities, because of their heavy labor costs, are prime areas for a company to improve efficiencies and reduce costs as much as possible. One way

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