How Your Staff And Clients Can Benefit And Obtain Value From The Use Of Technology

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Assignment 1 Executive Summary This report was commissioned to inform and emphasise the importance of how your staff and clients can benefit and obtain value from the use of technology. Through research, it is stated that 86 percent of buyers who have had a great customer experience will pay more or come back which is an important factor in maintaining business growth. The importance of a business having great customer satisfaction is crucial for your business to grow, as it promotes customer loyalty- what you lack. As you know, customer loyalty is extremely important in making sure your business flourish. Therefore investing time and energy in promoting customer energy is important. Even though you have a small fashion store, it is still saturated with many different customers who are extremely attracted to your products. With the lack of staff, it can be extremely hard to focus on every individual customer thus; some customers can leave unsatisfied and never coming back. With the lack of information for the customer themselves, it makes it extremely difficult for them to find what they need. The report finds that customer’s aren’t getting their full satisfaction because of the lack of information from the products. However, research from google illustrates that 80 percent of Australia smartphones users use their smartphone in-store. Therefore combining the use of their smartphone/technology with the business will be extremely effective. It can help aid customers with a

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