Essay about How a Leadership Course Has Helped Make Me a Better Employee

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Leadership and come to mean different things to different people. One of the biggest reasons that I took this class was to become a stronger leader in my personal life, as well as professional. I did not take this class because I have a desire to me in management at this point in my career. What is important to me was to look at this way to be a better employee, in reacting to management styles. I also wanted to take different aspects of management and implement them into being a leader in my family. I have had several managers that I have respected during my career and certain attributes I wanted to emulate. My current manger David Taggerty took the time out to discuss his role as a leader and how he got into leadership. We took a look …show more content…

This helps him establish trust and communicate honestly with everyone. He believes that sugar coating, and as he puts it “blowing smoke” is not beneficial to anyone and can end up doing more harm than good when it comes to building relationships with subordinates and peers. I have noticed with my interactions with David, he has always started the interactions with situation or problems that he can address. As an employee this is important to me, it changes the tone for the whole interaction. This allows me to air any grievances before we get down to goal and expectations. Once this is on the table it give a much more open and honest conversation about what either of us can start, stop, or continue with the upcoming week. I asked what David has learned in his to journey to becoming the great leader he is today. He said that this has been a humbling experience for him. He is a big personality and seeing how that relates to him as a leader has been a learning experience. One aspect that he is working on is how he is perceived by those he is coaching. David said that he realizes after being affronted that he may come off as arrogant. You have to look at yourself through others eyes. So in being a leader he is worked on seeing things from others perspectives and being fair while doing this. Being very confident is a trait that he has to kept in check, the last thing that you would want is for that to alienate someone, or color their perception of you. He looks at all of

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