How did Hitler gain power in Germany by 1933?

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How and why did Hitler gain power in Germany by 1933? Following the collapse of the Weimar government, Hitler managed to gain dictatorship over Germany by 1936. In fact it took Hitler just around 18 months, between February 1933 and August 1934, so how did Hitler gain autocracy over Germany so quickly? I am going to start with how the Germans had fear of Germany becoming a communist country like Russia. At the end of the war, many people hoped that democracy would spread to most countries of the world. They did not want to be controlled by a dictatorship which would lead them into a communist country. Another factor that assisted Hitler to gain power in Germany by 1933 was how Hitler wanted to demolish the Treaty of Versailles. …show more content…

The Nazi party was the people 's party. It tried to win everyone 's support. Hitler would deliver speeches to German audiences in halls or sport stadiums. Groups such as the S.A and Hitler Youth gave sense of belonging and pride to all the Nazi’s audience. This factor is a social factor as it involves all groups of people to support and vote for the Nazi party. This factor links to Hitler’s ideas due to the fact that once Hitler’s ideas were emplaced

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