How does the Bible Influence Political Thought and Action in Our Culture?

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The Bible is a unique book that is different from others because it contains sacred text that has continued to influence societies from generation to generation. Generally, the impact of this sacred book is worldwide since it has affected every department of human activity. The influence of the Bible on society is derived from the fact that it contains various themes that are used to shape the moral progress of the world. In addition, the influence of this book is not restricted to Christians and Jews because it impacts more than 50 percent of the world population. One of the major ways that the Bible has influenced society is through its effects on politics, especially political thought and action. In most cases, the Bible is used as the basis for formation of laws and rules that govern society.
The Bible and Politics: In today’s society, there are Christians who have unhealthy focus on social and political issues to an extent that it is detrimental to their personal testimony and the gospel in general. On the other hand, there are those who argue that Christians should have minimal or nothing to do with politics (Specht, n.d.). However, these groups need to reconsider their views and beliefs based on what the Bible teaches regarding politics. Despite of the difference in the role of Christians in politics, the Bible is essential to political philosophers and theorists as well as the modern…
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