How to Add Value to the Hiring Process by Improving Recruiting Diagnostic

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This is a review of an article which discusses the different techniques of hiring the right, mainly in this case, senior executives. This article aims to provide leaders with guidance on how to add value to the hiring process by improving their recruiting diagnostics. The article focuses on a concept which is referred to as fit and unpacks. This concept breaks down into sub-categories which are, fit with the job, fit with the leader, fit with the team, and fit with the organization. Instead of the traditional approach of recruiting and assessing candidates based on the current needs of the organization, this concept also addresses the current and emerging talent requirements. The article also considers the types of questions …show more content…

If leaders follow the techniques discussed in the article, they can avoid many expensive consequences of hiring unfit candidates.
The article discusses three fronts on which “being fit” is composed of. One of the fronts is being fit for the job. The list of candidates will of course be able to meet the technical demands of the job as well as have the skills, experience, and be on the right career path but these are expected credentials. The leader must be able to look past these credentials and focus on the depth of the candidate’s experience. A good way to do this would be to focus on the extent to which they have demonstrated the qualities they talk about in their past work activities. Focusing on just what the candidate says they have done and the qualities they have can distract a leader from what is really important such as the quality and performance of their previous work.
Another topic discussed which I agree with is whether the candidate is entrepreneurial or is more comfortable improving something which already exist. The leader must decide what they are looking for. If I am looking for someone to come in a break up the current system then someone with more entrepreneurial traits would be the right candidate. If I was looking for someone who could improve the current system, then I would look for the candidate who has past experience doing so.
The article refers to asking

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