How to Handle a Classroom with a Learning Level Diversity

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Just as much as children with disabilities need special attention, children who are extraordinarily gifted also require a special attention to their unique ways of learning. Children who are must be provided with a challenging learning environment that provides the opportunity for their knowledge to grow. Performance assessment is a very popular method to use when attempting to use what is known as norm-referenced tests. Many people in positions that require some sort of teaching or training really take advantage performance assessment (PA) to obtain a clearer and more detailed perspective of what students have already learned and what these students show potential of doing. Performance assessment can used in many different ways: *Having the students challenge what they have learned by experimenting with it. *Having the learners express what they learned in essay form. *If the lesson in question is mathematical then you can use various forms of mathematical equations to have the learners solve. To best understand the use of performance assessments you must view them as a constant grouping of assessment formats that range from the simplest responses constructed by the learners themselves to an extensive collection of data throughout time. Regardless of the format used to execute the assessment all performance assessments share some common ground: 1. Instead of selecting a pre-determined option, the student constructs an answer. 2. Use realistic material to measure for

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