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You are an HR practitioner in a medium-sized company that will soon be hiring 20 summer interns. You have been directed to provide a 1500-word briefing for all line managers outlining the legal obligations that your company has to these new employees.
Write a memo that outlines the most important legal requirement that managers must know about when hiring and managing these employees. You may wish to make specific reference to your jurisdiction’s laws addressing employment standards, occupational health and safety, and human rights. * Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act * Managers must make sure that they comply with this act’s ten principles in regard to maintaining the standards for privacy. According …show more content…

* Severance pay: * Employees qualify for this if they have worked 5 or more years and their employer has a payroll greater than $2.5 million or employer severed the employment of 50 more employees. * Should also take into account the number of years the employee completed at the organization * Pay Equity: * Employers that are regulated by the federal government should pay accordingly for work of equal value (pay equity) * Pay equity should look at the wage gap issue and try to deal it with that way there isn’t much of a difference between the earnings of full-time women workers and full-time men workers.
Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA): * There are ten principles that apply across the country. These are standards for privacy practices. The organization must protect employee privacy. * There is very little information that an employer can keep from the employee. * Employers are allowed to gather information related to the workers performance, attendance and is there any chance of promotion.
The Government’s Role in Providing for Equality and Privacy Protection * Employers can look to the Canadian Human Right Commission and the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and/or they can also look to Ontario Human Rights Commission in order to go about applying human rights. * CHRC tries to

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