Interview Questions for Labor Relations Office Manager

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Labor Relations Office Manager Human Resources Department Interview The objective of this work in writing is to conduct an interview with a labor relations office manager in the HR department of a company. For this purpose, the following questions were posed and answers provided. Question What is the role of the labor relations manager and their staff in regards to the industrial relations labor pogrom? Answer - When a collective bargaining agreement is up for negotiation, labor relations specialists prepare information for management to use during negotiation, which requires familiarity with economic and wage data as well as extensive knowledge of labor law and collective bargaining trends. The labor relations staff interprets and administers the contract with respect to grievances, wages and salaries, employee welfare, health care, pensions, union and management practices, and other contractual stipulations. As union membership is continuing to decline in most industries, industrial relations personnel are working more with employees who are not members of a labor union." (Heathfield, 2011) Question What is the domain of the labor relations manager in the company? Answer The labor relations role is typically making provision of advise to managers in regards to labor relations issues that arise in their areas of responsibility. The workforce in this company is comprised by employees represented by unions and other employees who are not union-represented as well as
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