Hr Plan For Software Manufacturing Company Goal Success

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Like employee development, employee training is a continuous process. When aligned with business objectives, the training provided becomes more relevant. Any training programs created by an organization should have a criteria that defines success to be able to ensure that the investments in training provides a return to the organization, to ensure this continues a re-evaluation of the training programs should be completed regularly (Thomas, 2012).
Google offers core and job-specific courses for all its employees from topics like personal finance to emotional intelligence. “GoogleEDU is formalizing learning at the company in an entirely new way, relying on data analytics and other measures to ensure it is teaching employees what they need to know to keep profits humming (Toscano, 2015). In their Googler-to-Googler model, employers teach each other and makes learning part of how employees work together versus being forced by HR (Toscano, 2015).
4. HR Plan for Software Manufacturing Company Goal Success
As a new HR manager for a small computer and software manufacturing firm, I would want to spring into action to create a solid foundation that would foster positive growth. First, I would revise or create standard HR policies and procedures that outline basics like dress code, attendance, time off, social media, disruptive behavior, sexual harassment and discrimination. By clearly outlining the expectations and aligning the policies of the organization with the law compliance

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