Hrm 534 Assignment 3

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Briefly IBM IBM Global Services, the technology services and consulting division of International Business Machines (IBM), is the world’s largest provider of systems integration and technology consulting. It offers services in areas such as application development, data storage, infrastructure management, networking, and technical support (Datamonitor Plc., 2007, p.4). IBM Global Services is also among the world leaders in providing business consulting and outsourcing services. IBM Global Services’ headquarter locates in Armonk, New York. The company has more than 190,000 employees around the world. IBM Global Services has numerous operations which provide a cooperative environment between themselves. The services that company…show more content…
2). They may make the candidates take the aptitude test online. This would be cost and time saving for both the company and the candidates. When candidates apply for a job, and if the recruiters find them as a qualified for an interview, they may make them take the test online. In that way, the candidates wouldn’t be wasting their time because they can take the test and whenever and wherever they want. Also the recruiters wouldn’t be wasting their time because they wouldn’t need screen the candidates. Last, this would make the company save some money because they wouldn’t spend money for paper for this particular test. The human resource planning and performance management systems in IBM IBM’s HR strategy identifies company characteristics that motivate and energize employees. IBM motivates its employees through: • Performance-based opportunities. • Leadership. • Hiring diverse and talented people. • Flexibility. • A values-based climate. At IBM, HR is expected to: • Anticipate and build skills. • Lead transformation. • Grow IBM (Wright, n.d., p.3) In IBM performance management starts with identifying expected performance levels. Then, they encourage high levels of performance via the performance bonus opportunity which is 2-8 percent of eligible annual earnings. They measure individual performance and then evaluate. After, they provide feedback on individual performance and if there is a need they provide assistance. And last they reward or
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