Hua Mullan Women

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Women should go fight in battle!
Women should be able to fight in battle. I mean, why shouldn’t they? Women and men there’s no difference we are all human beings. We are equal in the world. Men fight in battle, why can’t women fight? Women are capable of fighting in battle just like men. Women could be just as strong and as fast as a man in battle. There are some women today and women throughout history that have gone to fight in the battlefield in secret.
Hua Mulan was one of the women in history who went and fought in the battlefield and kept her gender a secret. Hua Mulan took her father, Hua Hu’s place in the Chinese army. Hua Mulan fought on the battlefield for twelve years and got promoted to general. Hua Mulan was proven both brave and
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These women were disguised as men and fought alongside with them. Although some of these women went to go fight in the wars and their true identities were never found out. These women proved to history that women have the physical and mental fortitude to be a soldier. Women do have the physical standards of going to war just like men.
Now I know that some people disagree me and that women shouldn’t go fight in the front lines. Now some of the reasons is not that women are not capable in fighting in war with the men. For example, if all the men and women go who will take care of the children? The men would go into battle and fight, while the women stay and take care and educate the children. When the women stay and take care of the children, they are taking care of the future battle warriors. Some of the children will go and replace the warriors that have died during the previous wars.
As you can see so many women went into war back in the old days. Why can’t women just go and fight in the battle field with the men? If these women can go and fight in wars and battles just like men can other women can too. It shouldn’t matter if you are a man or a woman you should still be able to fight. It doesn't just have to be men that fight women can help them
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