Human And Its Impact On Organizational Performance Essay

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1 Introduction
Human recourse management significantly contributes towards the organisational performance, as performance of the people for an organisational goal is directly linked with the organisation’s performance; the more people contribute towards the goal, better the organisation perform towards its goals and aims (Tabassi and Abu-Bakar, 2009). According to Slotte et al. (2004) human resources perform many functions related to the organisational development, training, career development and research development; thus people working in an organisation makeup its human resources and their performance impacts the organisation significantly. Productivity of an organisation is strongly correlated with the strategies it uses for its human resources; e.g. strategies for the development of people, development of people’s skills and competencies and motivation strategies for improving their performance (Hsuan et al., 2003; Moore et al., 2002). Increased diversity within the organisation, increased customer expectations related to product performance, challenging goals related to the individual and organisational performance, development capabilities and people’s concern towards their jobs are a few challenges for the management of any organisation to cope with. A motivated workforce contributes in achievement of the organisational goals. The individual’s goals can only be fulfilled if an employee is motivated to work, dedicated and is concerned about his work performance

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