Human Factors In The Aviation Industry

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The influence of human factors within the aviation community is wide and apparent in today’s world. There are many human factors that all come with their own disadvantages. However, through the study and experience with human factors come improvements and ways to avoid these disadvantages. “Human factors are the science of understanding the properties of human capability. The application of this understanding applies to the design, development, deployment of systems and services, and the art of ensuring successful application of human factor principles into the working environment” ( Since the beginning of the commercial aviation industry, the phrase known as human factors has developed popularity. This is due to the discovery…show more content…
Lack of resources encompasses the insufficient amount of people, equipment, documentation, time, and/or parts to complete a task. Pressure is the real or perceived forces demanding high-level job performance. Lack of assertiveness involves the failure to speak up or document concerns about instructions, orders, or the actions of others. Stress covers a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes physical or mental tension. The lack of awareness is the failure to recognize a situation, understand what it is, and predict the possible results. Of the last on the list, norms are the expected, yet unwritten, rules of behavior. It is very apparent that there are many negative aspects that come with human factors, but these negative factors can also produce antidotes to counteract them. ( To improve a lack of communication, always go over the specified checklist and state the most important information at the beginning and the end. Expecting to find errors and using the checklist is an effective way to avoid complacency. Some examples to counteract lack of knowledge include using references such as manuals, asking other personnel or a supervisor, and utilizing training. To help with distractions, using a checklist and going back three steps before the distraction is effective. To make up for a lack of teamwork, check to see that everyone grasps and agrees with each task.
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