Human Growth And Development : Personal Issues

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Human Growth and Development Personal Issues I am a young woman, who is about to turn 20, therefore I’m about to go into young adulthood. I am currently dealing with the problem of having excessive classes due to the fact that I want to finish Community College early and transfer. The reason for this is, I want to be able to live on my own and be more independent but also stay in school and get my degree required for my career. In result taking around 18 credits per semester is extremely difficult, at the moment I have 4 class projects I need to get done, and It becomes overwhelming because I feel like I 'm unable to properly invest myself in one project at a time just because I need to be able to turn them in all on time. Another situation I 'm currently dealing with at the moment is having to work 2 jobs because I need to be able to pay for my car, rent, and other utilities. Although I do still live with my family, I like to take care of my own expenses, because I don 't want to have to have my parents have any money related problems because of me. They do help me with school related expenses which do come handy. Due to this situation, I feel like I 'm in a constant state of worry, and overwhelming anxiety. It seems like I have no time for myself and to be able to take a breath because I 'm always having to be doing something having to do with school or work. Not being able to do something to actually enjoy myself. Adolescence Shir is an 18-year-old teen that I
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