Human Papillomavirus Known As Hpv

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Causative Organism(s): Human papillomavirus known as HPV is a Papovavirus that is transmitted sexually. It is in fact one of the most common sexually transmitted disease in the United States, it comes in hundred different forms and affects the body in different ways. Some forms of it can cause warts while others may cause cervical changes that may lead to cancer (4). HPV can infect both man and woman but only causes cancer in females. Although HPV seems to have a more severe effect on women than men it still places both in danger. Men can unknowingly be carriers of the virus that can affect the woman severely, therefore both men and women have to take responsibility to decrease the spread of HPV (5). HPV is a small unenveloped virus with …show more content…

The E6 and E7 proteins play and important rule in oncogenic property of human papillomavirus that can cause anogenital cancers as their high risk factor and warts as their low risk factor. E6 AND E7 proteins promote cell growth by inactivating the tumor suppressor proteins P53 and PRb (5).
Pathogenesis: Most people who are infected with genital HPV do not develop signs and symptoms from it. HPV is asymptomatic and in most cases the body 's immune system resolve the HPV spontaneously within two years (4). There are several tests that can be done to diagnose the HPV infection, Pap test a sample of cervical cells or vaginal cells are collected and sent to the lab. This test can tell you whether the cell structures have changed and if an abnormal looking cell is present it usually means there is a high risk of developing cancer. The DNA test detects whether high risk HPV are present. The vinegar solution test, a vinegar solution is applied to the genital area, if HPV infection is present the areas will turn white. Unfortunately there are no tests available for men (7). HPV is categorized as "Low risk" and "High risk". The Low risk strands have very few or no symptoms. The most common symptoms are genital warts. Genital warts usually pink or flesh cauliflower type tumor on the genital area. The high risk strands have also few are no visible symptoms due to

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