Human Relations And Classic Management Theories

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Human relations and classic management theories.
From the turn of the Century there was a significant development of management theory contributors from the period of 1910 to 2000. These theorists tended to be in the category of academics and management consultants. They were divided into two precise groups as practicing managers like Taylor and Fayol as well as social scientists like Mayo and McGregor, G.A.Cole, p3. Practicing manager’s theory tend to reflect upon applying personal experiences of management as well as producing principles of these theories which then could be applied to wider organisational universe to achieve effectiveness in work-force. Social scientists like Mayo and McGregor by contrast were academics that studied …show more content…

He introduced five principles of scientific management, (John.B & Jeffrey). P.118). First principle was to maximised job fragments to separate tasks to a simple element. Second principle was to separate doing and planning, Taylor perceived workers as lacking intelligence and immoral therefore responsibility of making-decisions was taken from them, (John.B & Jeffrey), 2003. P. 119. Thirdly principle he divorced direct and indirect work. Preparing and servicing tasks were to be removed from skilled staff (direct labourers), and to hand over to unskilled workers which was cheap labour (indirect workers). Third principle was to minimise requirements of skills and time spent on learning the job. Principles four were to reduce the handling of materials by workers. However, in the depression of the era of the 1930s some authors suggested that Taylorism was short lived theory, Rose, Barverman (1974). Criticisms of Taylorrism who viewed workers as machines he exploited for productivity and profitability purposes. He applied that planning and doing should be separate which in reality these goes hand and in hand with work tasks. Taylor’s scientific theory was not urgent for employers to apply at work-force. His theory did not relate to human relations but viewed labourers as robots.
In the 19th century Classical Scientific was introduced by several theorists’ including Fredrick Taylor, Frank and Lillian Gilbreth as well as Henry

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