Taylorism Is A Scientific Management System

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Taylorism is a scientific management system that was developed by Fredrick Taylor in the 1880s. Taylorism works in a method based on F. Taylor’s scientific study of accomplishing different tasks instead of empirical methods or methods inspired by past experience and knowledge. Taylorism also tends to scientifically train and help develop employees’ skills instead of letting them train themselves during their time in the workplace. Another principle of Taylorism is that it gives comprehensive and detailed guidelines and supervision for each worker to perform tasks. Furthermore, workload must be split equally among the workers, which also allows the manager to apply Taylorism in order to plan their work and perform actual tasks. Taylorism…show more content…
Product quality is one factor that both customers and companies are keen about. The way that scientific management works helps workers especially in work fields that require repetitive work (for example factories) since it would help to reduce inaccuracies during production. Scientific management can also improve product quality since the whole system allows the managers to supervise the work schedule closely to prevent mistakes and faults. Taylorism has not just brought benefits to companies but also to workers themselves. In order to gain more revenue from better productivity and efficiency, companies would give training to their employees in order to improve their competency. From all the positive effects, the society and consumers can have the chance to purchase products of better quality, whilst also improving standard of living within the society. On the other hand, scientific management also has significant limitations. It is obvious that Taylorism only targets and focuses on individual performance rather than group efforts. However, this is only good when applied to specialisation and repetitive work, because in these work fields, personal performance has higher significance and importance than group work. In this situation, other types of companies might miss out the benefits that group work is often able to bring. The theory of scientific management has stated out that the motivation built up for workers was with money as rewards,

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