Human Resource Department : The Heart Of The Organization

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Human Resource Department: The Heart of the Organization Human Resource Department is one of the essential divisions in an organization with a complete structure. Its function involves maximizing employee performance, improving the company policies, enhancing the skills of the employees through training, established system in the organization, managing people, give rewards and privileges, planning, implementing and a lot more. Why there is a need of this department? This is because people are the biggest asset of a company that no one can ever replicate. Thus, they need to be managed, controlled, trained and improved. This is the birth of Human Resource Department or the HRD. According to Ruth Mayhew of studioD, an ably run human resources department can offer the organization with structure and the ability to meet business goals through managing company 's most valuable resources -- its employees. There are several HR disciplines, or areas, but HR practitioners in each discipline may perform more than one of the more than six essential functions. In small businesses without a dedicated HR department, it 's possible to achieve the same level of efficiency and workforce management through outsourcing HR functions or joining a professional employer organization (Ruth Mayhew, Six Main Functions of a Human Resource Department). In addition, there are six major functions namely: recruitment, safety, employee relations, compensation and benefits, compliance, and training and
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