Human Resource Is Defined As The People Who Constitute

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Human resource is defined as the people who constitute an organization’s workforce (employees). Human Resource Management is defined as a function in the organization that is designed to facilitate the maximum performance of the employees. This is achieved through various activities included in the function. These activities include employee recruitment, training and development, managing their performance, and rewarding. The human resource department is also responsible for ensuring that all the activities in which the organization engages in are in accordance with the law. The employees are one of the critical necessities required for the smooth running of operations and achievement of strategic objectives. The HR department ensures that…show more content…
The company also offers its employees learning opportunities, which facilitate individual and organizational growth. The management believes that in order for the employees to effectively show caring, respect, and concern to the customers, they should be treated the same way themselves.
Southwest Airlines was initially created to serve as a low cost carrier, whose costs were structured to compete with bus and car transportations. The low cost strategy meant that, unlike other high-priced carriers, the airline did not offer any food, movies, set reservations, or first class. The unique market approach created a new niche, which led to the organization’s fast growth. The airline’s main agenda was to offer air travel opportunities to customers who could not initially afford it. The simple market approach, with a motivated workforce has made Southwest airline’s market value to be greater than all other airlines in the country combined. The merger between Southwest Airlines and AirTran is being considered to be the first major merger between Low Cost Carriers. AirTran runs on a similar strategy to that of Southwest Airlines. AirTran is ranked the second largest low-cost carrier airline in the market. The merger is expected to affect the initial strategies of the two airlines, by stretching their limits towards a more complicated model. This may affect Southwest’s competitive advantages of employee focus,
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