Human Resource Management And Organizational Planning

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1.0 Introduction
Effective human resource (HR) planning requires appropriate strategy formulation as well as implementation of those strategies to achieve organizational objectives (Bratton and Gold, 2012). The statement in the task made by Torrington, Hall, Taylor and Atkinson in their book named ‘Human Resource Management’ published under Pearson education focuses on the implementation stage of the HR strategies by the organizations and entrepreneurs. The statement “Human resource strategies can be stimulating to produce and satisfying to display, but how can we make sure that they are implemented?” (Torrington et al., 2011:73) can be segregated into two parts. In the first part, the authors are complacent about the advantages of the various HR strategies for organizational planning and understanding the role those may play for the organizational success. However, in the second part the authors have become sceptic about the implementation of the available strategies and it indicates the lack of measurement techniques implemented by the management to observe the actual outcome of initiating those HR strategies.

The next section would discuss the related literature review addressing this issue to cover the most relevant topics i.e. HR strategies modes, HR strategy implementation process, measurement techniques and key performance indicators etc. The analysis of the statement would primarily focus on the implementation stage of the HR strategies, availability of different…
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