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Britnee R. Johnson 08/01/2014 Human Resource Management Capstone Westwood College (Online) Company Downsize Project The company that I am going to use for the purpose of my project is Baker’s Footwear Group Inc. At its peak in 1988, Bakers had grown to approximately 600 stores. At that time, it was one of several footwear, apparel and entertainment retail specialty chains that were owned and operated by the Edison Brothers. Bakers Footwear had since become the favorite mall-based vendor of women 's shoes and accessories that ran more than 200 stores in some 35 states. As a result of weak demand for their footwear and declining sales and profits, Bakers Footwear filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2013 and liquidated all its…show more content…
Senior Sales Associate (Training and Development)– senior sales associates hire and train other salespersons, assigning territories and helping develop leads. Loss Prevention – works in plain clothes, patrolling the aisles of the store and/or watches the cameras for suspicious activity. New Store Opening Team – assists new locations with their set-up and start-up. Assists every aspect of a new store opening, from POS and PC set-up to the implementation of merchandising standards. Cashier - scans items, provides change, balances drawer, and processes card transactions. Downsizing: Every role listed will remain employed at the company with the exception of: 1. Merchandising (4) 2. New Store Opening Team (6) 3. Cashiers (6) These roles are not vital because other roles can be cross-trained to perform these tasks. Sales associates can be trained to both merchandise and serve as a cashier when needed. This cuts cost in more ways than one. We are able to eliminate the payroll of three positions, which makes up for a large amount of employees and expense. To cut the costs of a new store opening team, we can simply allow employees from other local stores to choose to help with new store openings in the area. Of these (16) employees at each of the 50 of the slower stores that are being downsized, none are able to stay, even if that means taking a pay cut. There is no specific experience needed for these jobs.

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