Human Resources Is Not Only The Place

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Human resources is not only the place you go when troubles arise, this department is vital to any company, they are often misunderstood and not utilized as they should be. HR (human recourses) may have started as a personnel department, they took care of pretty much anything that was related to people in the company. But, 20 years ago a new department was born when it was figured out that personnel department was dealing with human resources. Over the past 15-20 years HR has merged to management and development. If top management would let them HR could accomplish strategic goals of an organization. Most of the time HR is omitted from strategic decisions, but this is a dangerous decision by top management to make.…show more content…
But this stops new talent from entering the workplace. External is hiring outside the company, is more expensive, and is based on qualification. This is when the company tries to find talent outside the organization. This process is time consuming and slow because of the steps involved. Also the company has to invest a large amount into advertising, training and induction of the employee. Examples of external recruitment are: campus recruitment, job portals, job fairs, job consultancies, and references, walk ins, ads. Finding the best employees for a company is a difficult task, one method of recruiting is not better than the other, but if a company has a good employee base, then it would make sense to pick an employee within that company for the position. As Moller-Maersk Group grew they found it was hard to find, develop and retain talent. There were five notable talent changes, increased employee turnover, training and development programs, questions to continue to hire external, boomerang employees, and diverse the company. As Maesk transitioned from a family owned company to a publically traded global conglomerate, its work force changed, and the talent needs and practices did as well. Maersk was known to hire young, straight out of high school kids and they would become family within the company working there their entire lives. Maersk offered a two year training program that would entail on the
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