Humans Ought To Act With Morality In Suras 92-95

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The prevailing theme in Suras 92-100 is that humans ought to act with morality and that they must affirm their belief with the Oneness of God in order to go to heaven. From Sura 92, the commentary shows us that God does not want people to be evil, but instead should act as good people, with an emphasis on charity as seen on 1525 where one can purify oneself through charity in the Name of God. In Sura 93, we see an emphasis on charity again especially with orphans and how Mohammad was an orphan, but was taken care of by the generosity of his uncle. I thought one the most important points in Sura 94 is verses 5-6, which establishes that there is value in “enduring hardship” (1530). Sura 95 is a very interesting, as it discusses how humans
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