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Humulin N U-100 Insulin
What Is Humulin N Insulin?
Injectable medication
“U-100 means it has 100 unites of insulin per milliliter of fluid (“Insulin Basics – American Diabetes Association.”).
What is its history?
How did its name originate?
How does it work?
Humulin N U-100 Insulin helps control blood sugar in dogs and cats with Type 1 diabetes. Diabetes is a group of diseases characterized by high blood glucose levels that result from defects in the body’s ability to produce and/or use insulin (Diabetes Basics – American Diabetes Association.”). Glucose is a simple sugar that is an energy source for the body. After digestion, glucose enters the bloodstream and goes to cells throughout the body where it is used for energy. There has to …show more content…

This insulin must also be refrigerated, whereas other types of insulin are stored at room temperature.
How is it injected? pictures
Humulin N U-100 must be injected, with a syringe, into the fat layer under the dog or cats skin.
A syringe is a tube with a needle at the end and a plunger at the top, which can be pulled back or pushed into the tube allowing fluid to be withdrawn or injected. “The type of insulin should match the syringe (“Giving an insulin injection: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia.). A U-100 syringe should be used for this insulin. A different spot should be used for each injection. The steps for insulin injections are:
• Wash hands with soap and water.
• Have your syringe ready. Push the plunger all the way forward so there is no air gap.
• Remove insulin from refrigerator.
• Gently roll the insulin bottle between your hands to mix the solution.
• Turn the insulin bottle upside down and insert the tip of the needle into the insulin bottle.
• Pull back on the plunger until the insulin is a little past the correct dosage of insulin, then push the excess insulin back into the insulin bottle. This is done to remove any air bubbles. Then remove the syringe from the insulin bottle.
• Pinch the skin on your dog or cats body to form a tent.
• Insert the needle all the way into the skin where the tent was formed.
• Pull back on the plunger slightly to ensure there is no blood present. Insulin should never be injected into the bloodstream. If there is no

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