Hunting Animals : Hunting Endangered Species

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Hunting endangered species

How many animals will have to go extinct for humans to stop hurting mother nature? Humans have been hunting animals since the beginning of time; hunting animals can go back to about 1.8 billion years ago. Killing big game became the new sport and has been happening for centuries. Many U.S. presidents such as Roosevelt did it. Many wealthy people did it for fun and bringing back the animal or part of the animal was to show how well the hunt went(Carpenter).
Hunting animals for sport wasn’t a problem until these animals were being poached so much that the death rate overseeds the birth rate of these animals. Trophy hunting is a big problem in our modern day society and if we don’t do something to change this we won’t be able to share these amazing creatures with our future generations. Nevertheless , People use animal parts for many things such as big cat fur for coats or fashion. They use elephant tusks because it’s made from ivory to make jewelry and in some Chinese culture they use it as medicine(“Rescuing Africa's Elephants.” pg 6). You would think that because they are many acts such as The Endangered Species Act that people who follow the rules and not hunt these beautiful species, but some people have to do it to feed their families sometimes. Rhino horn was reported to be selling for $65,000 per 2.2 pounds in 2012, making it more expensive by weight than gold, diamonds or cocaine. These goods would help feed families and

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