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Hybrid Cars One of the tough choices people have to make in today’s world is what kind of car to get: electric cars, traditional gas cars, hybrid cars, and so on. Although traditional gas cars are more common, electrical and hybrid cars are growing in popularity every year. Some experts believe that the hybrid car is not only better than any other type of car, but also better for the world. Hybrid cars are becoming more popular each year because they tend to have more advanced engines, improved gas-mileage, and are economically friendly, in comparison to normal combustible engines. In order to understand and appreciate the significance of hybrid cars it is important to first look at the history, understand their function and design, and recognize the environmental impact they have had over the years. The history of the hybrid car dated back to the early 1900s. One of the first hybrid cars to be manufactured in the United States was in 1902 by Baker and Woods. Baker and Woods, who were both electrical engineers, designed the Woods Phaeton EV. The Phaeton EV was sold for $2000 and had a total range of eighteen miles. Although Woods’ hybrid car was modern for the 1900s, it was really expensive and could not contend with the electrical Ford Model T vehicle (Fuhs). The car that got the hybrid vehicle on the map was the System Lohner-Porsche electric carriage. Ferdinand Porsche, also known as the father of Volkswagen, built his car in 1900. The car was powered by two electrical…

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