Hypothesize Experiment

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Hypothesize and Experiment

Have you known you have to keep important rules when you perform a science experiment? Some people whose major is science don’t know how to perform a science experiment, so they usually get a bad result. Why do they get a bad result? Because don’t keep three important rules when they perform a science experiment. If your major is science, you have to memorize these rules.

Make a Hypothesize
You can be surprised because of the fact that is making a hypothesize. You might think “why making a hypothesize is important?”, but this is not true. Actually, this is basic to all science’s experiment. The reason of why hypothesize is important is that we can know an intention of experiment from hypothesize and hypothesize is a guide for experiment. Thus, if you made a hypothesize, you have to design experiment according to the hypothesize, and it has to be made on the basis of science theory.

Try an Experiment on the Basic of the Hypothesize
If you make a hypothesize, you can perform the experiment; however, you have to do it on the basis of the hypothesize. Thus, you should be prudent when you make it. Moreover, while you are taking the experiment, you have write experiment data exactly because it has to be prevented that to
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First, make a hypothesize and design experiment. Then perform the experiment according to the hypothesize. Finally, compare a result with the hypothesize. These rules are common in the world of science, and hypothesize is very important to science’s experiment because we can know an intention of experiment from hypothesize and hypothesize is a guide for experiment, so making a hypothesize has to be practiced in order to perform a good experiment. Thus, if you want to publish an experiment report which you wrote, you have to follow these basic rules. I hope students whose major is science to be great scientists according to
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