I Am A Designer At Heart. I Started As A Graphic Designer

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I am a designer at heart. I started as a graphic designer fiddling with Adobe Photoshop and applied my skills in Adobe InDesign for school publications. As I grow as a designer, my perception of design has evolved into a vehicle for problem-solving and innovation across disciplines. I love everything about design: how we interact with it and how we manipulate it; how we affect design and how design affects us in turn. I value the design process as a way of thinking and improving, of learning how to create for ourselves and make our own mistakes. Design takes all the thoughts floating inside my head and makes visual sense of them.

Design functions as an ongoing, evolving conversation between art and technology. Graphic design principles …show more content…

We always seek to make our designs as beautiful as they can be. I am eager to discover what the cities of Milan and Siena are trying to communicate through their design—to the unfamiliar visitor, to the long-time resident, or to the curious explorer.

I am most excited about the part of the summer where we are tasked with designing a logo for the program. Logos are engineered to convey as much information as possible with as little space or decoration as acceptable. Logos must be visible and readable on a small scale, yet also attractive enough to capture the attention of audiences on a large scale. I love logo design for what it represents: the first, most essential line of communication between the brand and the audience. I am intrigued by the opportunity to form my own thoughts and attitudes about the program, its coursework, and Italy itself as it relates to my own identity. The logo will be a visual hybrid representation of my existing design background and the experiences I will gain over the summer.

I am similarly fascinated by identity design. Identity design is the careful balancing act of presenting something that is both cohesive and comprehensive yet also wholly captures the essence of the brand. It must bridge the gap between originality and marketability. I have tinkered with concepts of identity design by creating mock-ups for fictional brands. I tried to

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