I Am A Kid Party

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I have an insuperable love for children.I love their soft hair and baby skin. I love their innocence. I love their ardent spirit and energy.I have the best job; I am a clown. I make kids laugh and dance for a couple hours,and get paid a decent amount. I am lonely, I have always been outcast because of my mental state. I am constantly craving a companion, I want someone to hold. Getting hired nowhere I needed some money so I pursued a part time job in kids parties. A capricious feeling overcame me after the first party, the kids were so loving, and I have craved it more and more each time. I am at a party now and my shifts over, but I need to wait till it 's dark out to leave. For now I will sit to the side and write in this journal. I …show more content…

I know his parents will say yes. I get in the car and buckle up, he runs back around and hops in the passenger seat. As I start the car I put my hand on his shoulder. "You 're a very handsome young man,do you know that?" His voice shakes and in a timorous tone as he says "than-thank you". I parked, advancing my movements I kissed him on the cheek,"let 's keep this between us" as we enter my house he looks scared, "Austin it 's okay, I won 't hurt you" "wh-what 's that smell?" "Oh I must 've forgotten to clean my fridge this week". He is very smart I need to calm him down. I point him to the room with the football shrine,his eyes widened in awe. " THIS IS SO COOL!! YOU HAVE A SIGNED FOOTBALL FROM WALTER PAYTON?!" He exclaims in excitement. My football collection was the perfect enticement to get him to come over. Time passes as we bond about football. He is distracted and my plan is working, I lock the door quickly so he won 't hear. I love kids, I love when they get distracted. He turns around "I should probably go walk home now so I can get home before it gets too dark" "I can give you a ride" "it 's okay I don 't mind walking" "you 're such a nice boy, why don 't you stay a little longer". Did I make him upset, he starts to walk to the door. I block him off and hold his face in my hands. His hair

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