I Am A Public School

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Over the course of my 20 years in education, I have created systems that ensure I remain compliant with expectations and while honing my craft as a teacher.
I am a public school teacher in a local school district. As an elementary school teacher there are many expectations regarding duty of loyalty. With a host of confidential student information that is governed by the Educational Rights and Privacy Act, I am bound to protect student educational records and treat them as secure and protected information. A violation of this Act is tort and can be met with lawsuits against both the school district in which I am employed as well as against me.
Public school districts are being met with increasing mandates regarding assessments. Educators are required to administer a plethora of end of year assessments and formative assessment. For every assessment there is a Code of Ethics we must sign and we must hold all testing materials utilizing security procedures. This means, that while we are held accountable for the content of the test and student performance, we cannot read the test, review the test or take possession of the test outside of the test setting.
My school district also outlines many other instructional requirements that are not founded in law but in best practices identified by school leaders. I am required to teach adopted remediation programs, use locally adopted instructional resources and apply mandated strategies. Our most recent initiative is the…

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