I Am A Second Grade English Language Arts Teacher

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In my five years of being a third grade English Language Arts teacher, the implementation of guided reading has been my biggest struggle. My school has fully adopted the guided reading program within the past 2 years. A guided reading library and books for professional development have been purchased, but very little training has occurred. The journey of learning how to successfully teach Reading using Jan Richardson’s approach to guided reading has been a challenge to say the least. Scheduling has been the largest obstacle I have faced in implementing guided reading in my classroom. I have spent this summer researching and reading about guided reading in an attempt to gain further understanding of the process and the outcomes before the next school year begins. Guided reading is a method of teaching reading that be used with every reader, whether they are just beginning to read, struggling to read, or are able to read independently (Iaquinta, 2006). According to Anita Iaquinta, there are three fundamental purposes for using guided reading. The first fundamental purpose is to meet all of the ranges of instructional needs of every student in the classroom. The second fundamental purpose for guided reading is that it enables students to significantly build and expand their reading abilities. The final fundamental purpose of guided reading is for students to learn how to read increasingly difficult texts (Iaquinta, 2006). Guided reading lessons are completed in small groups…
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