I Am A Social Worker

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All my life i have been indecisive in almost every area of my life, the only thing ive always known for sure is that i want my career to make an impact on young lives. Originally when i graduated High school i attended Morgan State University. At Morgan i was a social work major and during my first summer of college i got an internship and worked with a foster care unit. At first i thought id be a great social worker because i loved all the kids, but very quickly i had changed my mind. I realized i didnt have the heart to be a social worker, i told my mom that i was either going to be a very sad adult or i was going to adopt about 30 kids myself. Once i realized that i couldnt do social work, i switched to education to be a teacher, so here i am now finally in phase.

This is my first semester in phase and i am extremely excited to learn everything! But i know that that 's an overstatement. I would really like to learn how to become a teacher who can adapt to different demographics and not just the same group of students every year. I feel that a teacher that can teach in a wealthy school and in a low income school is good teacher because she finds a way to manage without all the funds. I mainly want to learn how to make my lesson plans flexible so that if for some reason i need someone to teach my class they can just take a look at my lesson plan and know exactly what to do. Personally i wish there was a way i could skip out on teaching math because saying that it 's my

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