When I Am A Visual Learner

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I 'm a visual learner for sure, but all the choices displayed the same result and it’s not right at all. I 'm a visual learner not an auditory or the other one. I need to visualize and test it out to be able to understand it. I can’t work in groups or with a teacher, I work best if I work alone or with 1 person only.

I’m red. Red means I can be bossy and rude. I’m perfectly daring and rebellious. I have a horrible temper. I love being a risk taker, it makes life WAY interesting. So what if I break a few rules? Being principled is SO not my style. If I’m caught I will probably just go for it again. As I always say, rules are meant to be broken, and if you give up on not taking the chance, you may regret it in life.

I’m simply wonderful as being a risk taker, and not being principled as a result of being a risk taker I break the rules to take risks. To break rules is unbelievably excellent. I take risks by riding down a 10ft high slide on a scooter, which is extremely dangerous. When I 'm bored I begin to imagine a way to be a risk taker. Breaking rules is in my blood, and in my heart. Breaking rules makes, feel alive, and I’m excellent at it since at my apartments one of the rules is USE EQUIPMENT APPROPRIATELY, and I use it inappropriately. There is a gazebo by the baby playground and I climb on top of it and hang out there. Usually; I play on my phone or take a short nap. It can end up extremely hot up there though.

I want to be extra caring by reason of

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