I Am A Yoga Instructor

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It’s been a year, a year since I changed someone’s life. I mean yes of course I get told that I’ve changed someone’s life at the end of every other class but this client was different. My name is Arkalah Johnson and I am a yoga instructor, Yoga is a Hindu spiritual discipline, focusing on breath control, meditation, and adoption of specific bodily postures and is a widly known practice for health and relaxation. I started my journey 8 years ago when I was 17 years old, I discovered how wonderful yoga was and what it meant to me and I wanted to share it with everyone else. After I graduated from Belleville high school I packed my suitcase and jumped on the first flight to Thailand, I was heading to The Absolute yoga academy for my RYT 200 …show more content…

I told my buddies at the gym about it and my friend Jessica told me that I should go to the yoga studio that she practices at. My first thought ‘Heck No!’ but I told her that I’m not the yoga type. She told me that most yoga poses specifically targets the spine. So I figured why not give it a shot. Jessica suggested you to me, so here I am. I need your help my back is in pain and I miss being able to lift. Sincerely Joel” I emailed him back and told him what day to meet me. A couple days later Joel stopped by the studio. “Hi! I’m Arkalah” I walked over to Joel and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you, Joel” He returned the hand shake. Joel was tall about 6.2 and pale with dark hair and bright blue eyes. I walked him in the studio and showed him around and also talked about the yoga props etc… “So what symptoms are you having?” I asked Joel touched his back “Well my lower back is in pain and sometimes I feel weak and every so often I’ll get a sharp pain in my leg.” “Okay” I said “I learned about herniated disc in sports med class in my senior year of high school. I learned to treat it you can do some stretching and exercise; luckily for you yoga is both stretching and a form of exercise.” I pulled out my yoga mat and gave Joel my spare mat. We were the only ones in the studio I figured that it would be better if I did private classes with him I could focus on his injuries until he got the hang of the yoga poses. “So today we’re going to start with some

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