My Critique Of Yoga And The Clinical World Of Counseling

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Before choosing this article for my critique I used several factors to determine its value to this assignment. I had first had to determine if the content of the article would have value in the clinical world of counseling. This article is written by Stacie Stukin, a yoga instructor who writes contributing articles for Yoga Journal and yoga instructor Annalisa Cunningham who has also written Healing Addiction with Yoga. Both clearly believe and have witnessed firsthand the benefits that yoga can contribute to addiction recovery. The article explains that a yoga practice will help the recovery process on two fronts. A yoga practice will help the physical body by helping it rid itself of the physical impurities that have built up over time through the ingestion of substances such as alcohol and various illicit narcotics can debilitate a body and cause the receptors of the body to call for these substances that create the cravings and if not supplied to body create painful withdrawals. These cravings and withdrawals can be very hurtful to the body and wreak havoc on the mind as the addicted person tries to overcome them. So how can one make it through these physical obstacles and come out on the other side? We need a strong physical and mental base to guide us through the physical pain. This is what a yoga practice brings to our healing as we strengthen our body through the strengthening of our mind and vice versa. The authors highlight this with an insightful quote
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