I Don 't Have As Much Teaching Experience

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I don’t have as much teaching experience as some that are in this course, but in my short time I’ve encountered many situations that I consider to be reasonably significant problems for a leader to manage. One in particular stands out to me for many reasons. First it’s one of the bigger problems I’ve had to face in my teaching career and secondly, I am still currently struggling with this issue; it has not been resolved. I am providing this particular situational problem as my own personal experience from a teacher standpoint and then evaluating and analyzing it from an administrative position.
There are so many different theories and models of leadership behaviors and narrowing it down to only a few or assigning them to
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The experience and resources between the four of us combined seemed like a fairly unstoppable team. However, it became evident to the paraprofessionals very quickly that we were not all on the same page as the teacher. This wasn’t just a conflict of personalities or disagreements on how things should be ran in the classroom, there were very obvious mistakes that should not be made, mistakes that affected academics, progress of behavior management, and even the students’ safety. There were instances of children being left alone in the classroom unsupervised, instigating bad behaviors, undermining the paraprofessionals, inconsistency, playing favoritism towards the more general education kids, and the list goes on and on. These problems are not such that we could keep them to ourselves, we had to involve our leaders.
Looking at this situation from a leadership position instead of one of the staff involved, there are many things that need to be considered when you have staff complaints. It needs to be determined if the complaints are substantiated and this can be ascertained through observations and talking to all those involved. If it is decided that these accusations are in fact happening as the staff says it is then handling the situation will require varied theories and models of leadership behaviors. Hersey and Blanchard incorporated the readiness of followers as a key situational variable and in this situation the ability of the

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