I Don 't Have As Much Teaching Experience

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I don’t have as much teaching experience as some that are in this course, but in my short time I’ve encountered many situations that I consider to be reasonably significant problems for a leader to manage. One in particular stands out to me for many reasons. First it’s one of the bigger problems I’ve had to face in my teaching career and secondly, I am still currently struggling with this issue; it has not been resolved. I am providing this particular situational problem as my own personal experience from a teacher standpoint and then evaluating and analyzing it from an administrative position.
There are so many different theories and models of leadership behaviors and narrowing it down to only a few or assigning them to an experience written on paper is too inadequate to grasp the complexities of what leaders must do to be flexible in any given situation. Once placed in the same situation as what I have written for this paper, as a leader I might go a completely different route and choose a different style. As it is, I have chosen styles that I feel would address this particular situation the best way possible.
Situational Problem/Experience
The situational problem I will examine comes from an experience as a paraprofessional in a Life Skills classroom. The classroom had already been through three different teachers over the course of four years and was without a teacher by March of that fourth year due to an injury. So starting this school year we…

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