I Don 't Know About Weird And Ignorant We Were As Children

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As we grow up, I don 't think we recognize just how strange and ignorant we were as children. The way our inexperienced brains made scenarios and explanations for things we were too incompetent to actually understand. Whether the explanations were reasonable or not, it made sense to us. A toddler’s interpretation on the world could be a blissful thing, enhancing the good things and the ability to be mentally affected by the bad is not present, where the worse thing in the world is having to go to bed early. Even today I 'm discovering that some opinions and knowledge I have on certain things are incredibly inaccurate. Sometimes, discoveries like those could change your life completely.
“Annie, we need to go!”, my dad yelled from the bottom …show more content…

I grabbed my bag and hopped into the car.
About a week passed, and everyone was settled in and together. I’m not exactly sure where everyone else stayed, but we stayed in the usually vacant home my mom grew up in. The exact place she spent her childhood, along with her nine brothers and her sister. She has a pretty extensive family and it 's crazy but we’re interesting and I, wouldn 't have it any other way. We called it the Sosa House, that’s my moms maiden name, Sosa. There was no TV, no internet, and barely any reception. When nothing eventful was happening where we couldn’t get out of that house, which was pretty rare, it was up to us and whoever else was staying in the house with us to make up our own fun. This was more of a bad thing than it was a good thing, but I think when it was a good thing, it was worth the bad.
It was around midnight, 3am was the bedtime norm when it came to the Sosa’s, and it was one of those times where nothing eventful was happening. I started walking around the small house, taking in all the details of it to entertain my mind. I reached the back of the house to find my mom sat inside a small closet. She was looking through boxes that seemed old and a little torn. I didn 't think much of it until I noticed her staring intently at an object in her hand. Like she was going to rip a hole through it with her stare. I walked a little closer to see it was a frame with a picture of a pretty

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