I Gained From My Partners And Their Engaged Learning Trips Essay

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The knowledge that I gained from my partners and their engaged learning trips was a great resource for viewing the issues around the nation and the world in multiple points of view. A few examples include the similarities between Bethlehem House and the methods that the black community used to adapt to the diverse issues that they faced. The Bethlehem House was a community shelter for people to live in for two years in order to help the poor manage their finances and find a job. The hopes of the house were to set the people on the right path in life, which includes helping the less fortunate people their expenses. The community aid that the Mosaic Templar emphasized on most was a section of Little Rock where the black people could use their skills from their times as slaves to start their own companies. For instance, most of the black people took on roles that included: barbers and a select few (especially in the area around Nashville, Tennessee) became very popular/ successful musicians. On the other hand, the experiences that my partners and I had were very similar to the readings that we had in class and will play an important role in the ways that I will engage in various communities that will arise in my future. One of the connections that I made was between the black community on Eighth Street around the 1960s and how it was connected to the Black Power Movement that James Cone was supporting. Cone never really agreed with Martin Luther King’s emphasis of

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