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I have chosen the metacognition vignette. The prompts asks me to think of what type of lesson I would plan for students that are in the beginning stages of developing metacognition. But first, it is important to understand what metacognition is and what it does. The term metacognition was coined by psychologist John Flavell. Metacognition is defined as the understanding and self awareness of one’s own thinking or thought processes.The idea of metacognition is connected with Jean Piaget’s theory of development. This all correlates to have a better idea as to how we as educators can improve a child’s understanding of a subject through direct influence on the development of metacognition. In order to understand the theories completely it is better to go into depth as to what metacognition is, and the different components that play into what makes it important. As mentioned previously, metacognition is thinking about thinking, but it also consists of metacognitive knowledge and metacognitive experiences and regulation. Flavell, the father of metacognition, realized the metacognition had to do with both monitoring and regulation - this is where the term metacognition came about. Along with this Flavell identified the three “metas” that are acquired in childhood. The “metas” were important because they play a huge role in storage and retrieval. They consisted of the subconscious retention of information that is stored for future instances, the retention of information that may
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