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I have chosen the metacognition vignette. The prompts asks me to think of what type of lesson I would plan for students that are in the beginning stages of developing metacognition. But first, it is important to understand what metacognition is and what it does. The term metacognition was coined by psychologist John Flavell. Metacognition is defined as the understanding and self awareness of one’s own thinking or thought processes.The idea of metacognition is connected with Jean Piaget’s theory of development. This all correlates to have a better idea as to how we as educators can improve a child’s understanding of a subject through direct influence on the development of metacognition.
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Metacognition is said to develop at or around the age of 12, a time when the formal operation stage starts as well. Piaget’s stages of development serves as a basic outline of how people develop from infancy through adulthood. The first step is sensorimotor which begins around the ages of 18-24 months. This is when infants are only aware of what is right in front of them. It is for this reason that babies get surprised when you play peek-a-boo with them. The idea that a person exists even though they are not in plain sight is foreign to them. The next stage is the Preoperational stage, and is seen to begin from the ages of 18-24 months all the way until the age of 7. This stage consists of the symbolic meaning of thinking. Language is more defined and imagination is further developed, thus allowing them to understand the differences between past, present, and the future. The next step is the Concrete Operational stage which spans the ages of 7-12. During this time frame children begin becoming less egocentric, and are capable of focusing more about their surroundings as well as different perspectives. This is where they begin to understand that their thoughts are not always going to be similar to the other people around them, making them unique. Lastly, there is the Operational stage which includes the ages from 12 and all through adulthood. Here, adolescents

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