I Have Researched And Developed A Plan For Improvement

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For this assignment, the skill which I have researched and developed a plan for improvement is “Self-Monitoring”. By definition meaning, self-observation and self-control guided by situational cues to social appropriateness. A high self-monitor person can adjust their behavior according to external environmental factors and shows a fairly high adaptability, these people are more sensitive to environmental cues, they can behave differently depending on the situation, whether it be public or private roles. On the contrary, low self-monitor like myself can not disguise my true nature and attitude in variety of situations. Now, I’ve chose to improve on this skill is because of the score of the self-monitor skill questionnaires issued in assignment 1. My score was 6/18. Therefore, in order to improve on my self-monitoring skill, I have come up with a plan. Also by implementing the plan I hope to increase the level of my self-monitoring skills from 6/18 to 10/18(67% increase) over 3 weeks of period.
This plan is based a theory called “discrepancy reduction theory” which later was experimented on young adults by Butler, D. L., & Winne, P. H. (1995). According to the theory, self-monitoring, regulating and learning are bonded and together enable the experimenter to achieve a desire learning target. That is, we could only measure self-monitoring level by observing the outcome. The experimenter has a desired level of understanding in the subject that he/she wish to learn,…

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