I Have Researched And Developed A Plan For Improvement

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For this assignment, the skill which I have researched and developed a plan for improvement is “Self-Monitoring”. By definition meaning, self-observation and self-control guided by situational cues to social appropriateness. A high self-monitor person can adjust their behavior according to external environmental factors and shows a fairly high adaptability, these people are more sensitive to environmental cues, they can behave differently depending on the situation, whether it be public or private roles. On the contrary, low self-monitor like myself can not disguise my true nature and attitude in variety of situations. Now, I’ve chose to improve on this skill is because of the score of the self-monitor skill questionnaires issued in…show more content…
If a discrepancy still exists between desired and current level of understanding, the experimenter will regulate learning behavior by restudying. During the restudy the experimenter will keep monitoring the level of understanding and determine if further studying is necessary. The learner will continue to restudy until the discrepancy between the current and desired level of understanding has disappeared. Overall, this should lead the learner to focus more time and energy on the most difficult tasks, as the discrepancy is largest there. Therefore, I modified this experiment to become more suitable for myself. First, I set up a 3-week end goal of understanding and achieving perfect scores on the weekly questions for my finance class. I will do 8 questions every 2 day and evaluate my work based on the solution provided by my professor. In order to achieve the goal, I will be reading the textbook and study the lectures carefully and intensively to meet my desired level of understanding prior to writing the weekly questions. And after 4 days of practicing the plan I will do redo the self-monitoring test (assignment1) again to see if I have made improve on the skill. Furthermore, to better achieving the goal I made the plan public to my girlfriend to monitor/supervise my behavior during study time. As well as adding another positive reinforcement of rewarding myself a nice treat if I score better on my weekly questions. The estimated
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