I Joined The Greensboro Police Department

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I joined the Greensboro Police Department in 1998 having only the faintest idea of what it was going to take to be a police officer. Originally, I was unsure of what path my career would take with the department or if I would remain a police officer at all. As time went on though I not only survived the pressures of the job, but found myself excelling in many areas. Once I became fairly experienced in daily patrol operations, people began coming to me seeking answers and guidance. People started seeing me as a leader even though, at the time, I had no knowledge of how to be one. Despite my feelings to the contrary, I was routinely sought out as an informal leader on my squad. After a time, I began to enjoy the feeling of helping…show more content…
Many of these traits I later learned were the attributes of leadership referenced in “The Leadership Challenge” by Kouzes and Posner. One of the finest leaders I have come to know, admire, and respect is Lieutenant Kevin Moore. He is currently in his last year with our department and plans to retire in December. Lieutenant Moore and I share duties as executive officers over Central Division, one of four patrol divisions in the city. He is in charge of the patrol squads while I manage the Community Resource Teams. While our duties are separate, we often collaborate on ideas and support each other in our duties. Having been a lieutenant far longer than I, Lieutenant Moore’s guidance and insight have been invaluable to me as I encounter new problems at this level of management. While not a perfect leader, Lieutenant Moore puts into practice many of the traits discussed in “The Leadership Challenge”. He is a man I look up to as a person, as a police officer, and as a leader. Kevin Moore was born in eastern Tennessee. He came from a low income farming family. Living on the farm, he learned to make the most of what they had, to fix what was broken rather than throw it away, and to rely in his family in times of need. Kevin Moore went to the University of Tennessee but spent his summers back home working for the family and at Dolly Wood. He is actually a distant relative of Dolly Parton. His
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