I Know I Can Be A Better Counselor

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Honestly, I have had no formal training in counseling. In fact, because of an unproductive experience in a college psychology, I have not been looking forward to attending class. I was content with just using common sense, and personal experiences to assist parishioners in coping with specific situations affecting their lives. I knew God had prepared me for my job as pastor, but when I read Webb’s book, “Crisis Counseling in the Congregation”, I realized that this book would prove useful in facilitating me in becoming a better counselor. When I was assigned to Rivers Chapel as a pastor, I used strategies I had learned, in the classroom, and on my previous jobs in counseling, which were common sense and life experiences. But now, after reading “Crisis Counseling in the Congregation”, I can perceive where common sense and personal experience would have been more productive if I had had a better understanding of the techniques Webb introduced in his basis toolbox. After reading Webb’s book, I know I can be a better counselor for my parishioners, their families, and my own family.
Webb’s three categories, in his “The Basic Toolbox”, were knowledge, skills and attitudes. As I read this chapter, I could reflect on my common sense and life experiences connecting with these three categories. My actions in this section mirrored those techniques used in my first counseling session. The first counseling session I conducted as a pastor was with a couple experiencing turbulent…

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