I Know The Lord Has Made This Possible For Me

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Thank you for this great opportunity to volunteer at Teen Challenge. I know the Lord has made this possible for me. Speaking of libraries, I have identified some factors that in my opinion can greatly enhance the use of the library by students and staff members. If I understand you correctly, your desire is for the library to be frequently visited by the students and staff of Teen Challenge.
The challenge, in this case, is to establish a library that serves the needs of students and staff member of Teen Challenge. Teen Challenge is a very strong organization by God’s grace with very high Christian, ethical and moral standards. Additionally, it has a space available that can be turned into a more than adequate reading and studying space.
However, there are some factors that are by nature opposing the achievement of the goal of sustainability and frequent use of students and staff. Because of this, it is highly recommended that steps be considered in order to assure success for the present and the future of this very important project.
Firstly, the designation of a librarian is vital for continuing the duties of managing collections (books, periodical, articles, newspapers, magazines, DVD, CD, etc.), program development; obtaining, analyzing and reporting the feedback from patrons. A successful library is one who is able to determine the needs of its patrons and satisfy those needs and wants by structuring operations accordingly.
Secondly, a library is no longer a

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