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Why Parents Should Love Minecraft for Kids
Living in a world where parents are constantly told to monitor, reduce and perhaps eliminate video game play from their kid’s life it’s no wonder many parents are uncertain about Minecraft. This addictive game is pretty simple in structure and works to guide kids towards learning to survive by building homes, fighting mobs and growing food to survive. In addition to the survival mode, there’s a creative mode in Minecraft where kids can use their creative side to build worlds that feel much like playing with a set of Lego’s, only cooler.
While there are many versions and ways to play Minecraft, parents today wonder if they should love or hate this addictive game. Should kids be playing Minecraft, why …show more content…

Minecraft is not your average video game that sucks kids into zombie mode. Parents should love that Minecraft helps kids engage their brain power at all twists and turns of the game. When playing on Minecraft for PC, kids can even learn some coding skills without the pressure of in depth computer coding classes. Kids enjoy using brain power when it’s in a fun, interactive way and Minecraft has succeeded in creating a platform that offers that to kids.
Encourages Creativity
In a world where kids are stressed out having to take standardized testing at every corner and pushed to test their knowledge within the school curriculum, it’s great to have Minecraft to give them some learning in a fun way. Minecraft will help keep your kids creativity alive in a world where they are constantly challenged to remove creativity. Many parents love that their kids are creative, but sometimes age and school experience diminishes that part of the kids’ life. Minecraft will encourage creativity to continue on regardless of what happens in school and other areas of life.
There you have it, a few reasons why parents should love Minecraft for kids. Have you ever played or watched your kids play Minecraft? What are your thoughts on this

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